Posted: May 24, 2015 by Dorian in Yes I Believe.
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   I’m well convinced that while some don’t know the value of what they don’t have,some practically don’t know the value of what they have and there are some who actually know the value of some things which they have but can’t keep it in a balance so they

live the way they like,act the way they like,talk the way they like,they then begin to live out of control. We lose our sense of priority and we become open to life’s most destructive enemy called “Self” when we are out of control.

     Self-control is much needed to guard ourselves against self destruction. If you can’t control yourself,you will definitely be controlled. There’s nothing as dangerous as being normal and there’s nothing as cruel as following a majority. When we have self control, we develop self balance and self balance is a door way to sense of direction.

    But what happens when we lose it? When we lose self control,we lose self-restraint and self-respect. We become imbalanced and unstable in our minds,we become a horror to ourselves and we are open to self-destructive thoughts in such circumstances because we forget our sense of worth and lose our sight on values. But how do we gain our self-control?

There’s no practical example that can ever help you gain self-control without the spirit itself guiding you to the process,no amount of training can give you self control and no amount of teachings can let you have it.

You can only possess the righteous spirit of self-control through the Holy Spirit to those who have accepted Christ as their lord and savior. It’s this Holy spirit that now brings the spirit of self-control into your life and he will guide you into becoming a master of yourself. I hope you make that decision too.

Written by : Amos O. Okpimah (Facebook)


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