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It’s another time to brainstorm our brains with series of challenging riddles. So, let’s put your logic to test and see how good you are.
1. What are the banker’s favourite vowels?

2. What do you have that others use far more than you?

3. If two’s company and  three’s crowd, what’s four and five?

4. What often falls but never
gets hurt?

5. Why is a river so rich?

6. If you throw a stone into the red sea, what will it become?

7. What time is it when two girls past a boy?

8. How many feet are in a yard?

9. Why is a empty purse always the same?

10. When will the wind improve it’s image?

11. Why is a bride unhappy on her wedding day?

12. When is a door not a door?

13. Where did the egg floating down the Mississippi river come from?

14. When is a person not a person?

15. What word becomes shorter, when you add two letters to it?

Try to unriddle them and send your answers. I’ll be glad to see them.

By Festus Adenike Joy (Facebook)

  1. mercylynar says:

    this questions are really brainstorming… I cudn’t get any out of it pls I will be glad to see d answers


  2. mercylynar says:

    2. Name
    3. Rain
    4. Bcos it has a bank
    11. Bcos shez leaving her parent
    12. when itz ajar
    14. when he/she is dead


  3. fessyjay says:

    1. I, o, u
    2. name
    3. A crowd
    4. Snowflakes
    5. It has many banks.
    6. Wet
    7. Two past one.
    8. It depends on how many people are in the yard.
    9. Because it has no change.
    10. When it turns over a new leaf.
    11. She is not getting married to the best man.
    12. When it is ajar.
    13. It came from a hen.
    14. When he becomes cross.
    15. Short.


  4. fessyjay says:

    Nice try Mercylynar!


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