Posted: May 27, 2015 by Dorian in Relationship & Friendship
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You'd had better be you!

       I just noticed that in life everything happens for a reason, and not all friends are really friends. I know a really close friend who is going through tough times now because she didn’t choose her friends wisely. I know I sound like a grumpy
adult but really it’s true.

She chose her friends for the things they wore and how rich they were. Guess what happened.  Well, she got tempted to steal and the funniest part is that her parents are soooo rich.

Now your probably asking why she stole? She couldn’t just have enough! And now, the people she called her friend are threatening  and embarrassing her infront of other people. Her life is a bit hard now because she never expected she would be in this situation. She never knew she would be this  depressed.

Well I am happy for her because she has learnt her lesson and she has dropped all materialistic things. That’s why I say that everything happens for a reason.

So, next time you make a mistake like my pally, know that it happened for a reason and just look on the bright side and shake it off. Oh, and if you made a mistake and got pregnant, (coughs),  that’s another ball game entirely..
What do you think?

By Anthonia Tijani.


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  2. angelokwuosa96 says:

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    Yep yep! Friends come and go…and it’s always the people you least expect that will have your back. We are flawed, but don’t use that as an excuse for things you could have avoided! I’m happy that she has learnt her lesson before it was too late!


  3. mercylynar says:

    hmmnnnn nice post


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