It’s been a great one week for Nigeria. Two things of note happened: the swearing-in of the new president and the clinching of the post of the President of the African Development Bank by our brother Akinwumi Adesina. You see, it’s a thing of joy when your country and your countrymen are attaining great heights within and outside the country.  And the good news is; there are many more to come.

In the light of the Akinwumi’s victory at the African Development Bank, DBANJ is tipped to be the next World Bank President…..

Okay, I agree. It is not often that you see an entertainer been tipped for such a position. But after the events of the past few weeks, you will agree with me that no other person deserves to succeed Jim Kim, the World Bank president, than the eminent Nigerian Musician, Dbanj.

Over the past few weeks, Dbanj has been in the news for his new song which was purportedly dedicated to women empowerment. The project was such a success, that the Koko master received a personal commendation from the World Bank boss. As the song was part of World Bank’s #music4dev project which was aimed at using entertainers to draw attention to issues relating to development and poverty alleviation.

When I read this in the news, I was so delighted that I decided to visit YouTube to see the music for myself.
Okay, let me concede. I have not been a big fan of Dbanj. Although I nodded rhythmically and even danced (away from public glare, of course) to  ‘igwe’, ‘make me fall in love’ and a few other hit tracks as zeitgeist dictated. Yet, those weren’t enough to tip the scale in favour of the artist whose dominating theme in many of his songs I do not exactly appreciate. However, that’s not to take anything away from the talented singer.

After watching the video the first time, I watched it again. And again. Each time I watched and listened, it seemed I was missing out something. The fact that the song was supposedly an awareness song was the reason I was so keen in the first place. But after listening and watching the nicely shot video several times, I gave up. Yes, I saw some people carry a banner with ‘End Poverty’ in the video, but honestly, if there was no background story to this song, I would never have linked it to any cause. Of course, it was not obvious in the lyrics of the song. Claiming that that song was a women-empowerment-awareness song is, to my mind, akin to a badly told joke that requires explanation. For a good joke, like a good awareness song, should be clear and well understood; no explanation is necessary.

The song was a good song no doubt; good tune and delivery. However, I did not find anything in the content of the song that suggests ‘ending poverty’, unless, of course, the poverty we mean is Dbanj’s. And as for the women empowerment aspect, that’s where I am most grateful, for even if the song did not ‘empower women’, it, at least, did not objectify them (as the artist is wont to do).

At this juncture, you must forgive my cynicism but I think that if this work is receiving such a universal acclaim for ‘developmental, poverty-alleviating’ value, then I cannot think of a better candidate worthy of replacing Jim Kim when his tenure expires, than our own koko master.

So join us as we support Dbanj for World Bank President. Oshe fille!!!!!


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