Posted: June 3, 2015 by Dorian in Relationship & Friendship
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     The soulmate theory revolves around having very deep feelings of affinity for someone. This may involve love, romance, friendship, trust or even spirituality. There is always this one (or two or even three people) person in our lives that we have an
unexplainable bond with. We just can’t explain why we’re drawn to the person, we just are.

     For some of us, it may be a lover, a brother, sister, acquaintance or a friend. Our feelings for them are deep and very unexplainable. I have a personal example. My best friend is a member of the opposite sex and I’m irresistibly drawn to him. I sometimes jokingly call him my soul brother.

     There’s just this connection we have I cannot seem to explain. Funny enough, there are times we do things in unison without even planning it. I remember many times we hiss or laugh or say something at the same time. Although many psychologists and people as well don’t believe in the soulmate concept, I’m an ardent believer.

     On the paranormal side, many werewolf fiction lovers would attest to the fact that the soulmate theory is a core aspect of werewolf folklore. Werewolves always have their predestined mates that their souls, hearts and all are bound to. Once they set eyes on their mates, they can feel the sparks and a huge romance begins (I wish this existed for humans, it would save us so much trouble!).

     Finally, whether we believe there are such things as soulmates or not, we all will have to agree that there are people we share a very special bond with. I’d like to know your opinions on this.

  1. O'kevwe says:

    So true…


  2. distinctionayo says:

    I don’t believe in the phenomenon of soulmates… A person who triggers joys and happiness in ur soul 2day might b d reason 4 ur sorrow 2moro. It’s symptomatic of human to behave in such manner

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  3. O'kevwe says:

    I solemnly agree with you but the fact that what we think is actually what we see is far beyond chemistry…what we think is also what we attract and I think so many of us has entertained so many toxic people into our lives that we idealize as our soulmates because of our toxic thinking and that has hurt us too badly because soulmate is not a product of our thinking,it’s who we are,a product of our nature… Now I think a man find his soulmate when he discovers who he is,when he discovers his true nature…

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  4. tuk2obitex says:

    DistinctAyo, you beat me to that.
    Honestly, I have a problem with the concept of ‘predestination’. This idea there is this special person out there who is specially made for us. I do not quite agree with this for several reasons.
    First, the problem of agency. Who makes this person for specially for us?
    Second, even if we settle on the agent of soul bonding, and agree everyone has someone who is made for them, then the problem we’d run into is; what happens to the person whose originally designed soul mate dies prematurely (as many are wont to)? Do they get reassigned or do the person remain single?

    However, I agree we’d definitely find that person that ‘clicks’ with us. We may even feel that our union and attachment to them was designed in heaven….until one day (that may or may not come) when we realise that if we could find someone who clicks with us, there’s a bigger chance there is another person(s) out there who we could equally connect with too.
    That’s why Love is a choice. Not the absence of another person we click better with nor the absence of someone with a better qualities. But the ability to stick to a choice even in the face of better alternatives and in this case, better bonding.
    So I pinch myself and say, ‘regardless of what you feel, love is not a feeling, and if you have fallen in love, you can definitely fall out of love, and perhaps, in love again. That’s the way life is. When you are ready, make a choice.


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