Posted: June 4, 2015 by Dorian in Tough Stuff
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     Hey! It’s Dhebbie here. I’ve really gone far and have evolve from the you I used to be.

     Remember how much I used to suck at Further Maths? Well, I did have a credit in it when I took the final exams, it’s still something right?

     I bet you wouldn’t forget Yemi and Gloria in a jiffy. My friends from junior school Oh yea! We aren’t friends anymore tho. I just stopped talking to Yemi entirely. I still talk to Gloria sometimes anyway. The bad vibes they were pushing my way were just too too harmful to my system. I made new friends anyways! Two guys and a gal. They’re really cool and I’ve improved a lot.

     Oh, lest I forget, I’ve changed my course. I ain’t studying mass communications no more. It’s law I like now. Really I’m just a bit justice-crazed now. Don’t worry, it’s fun too.

     I’ve also stepped up my social skills! I’m a bit nicer now (I’m trying, ugh!) and more outspoken. Besides, I’ve dumped 2go and have clung to Instagram now! I’ve joined the bookstagram community and it’s so full of love! Bookstagram is like book showcasing, discussing and photo sharing, (I knew I had to explain that you obviously are hearing it for the first time!).

     I’ve started blogging too and I love it. I don’t really have many readers but it helps me reach out to the few I can.

I know you’re dying to ask about something. Don’t fret, I know what it is. I stopped. I really don’t believe in the Fool’s Fire anymore. There are more important things.

     I gotta stop writing now tho. I really did a lot from you and the lessons have stuck. Take care.
Yourself in the present,


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