Posted: June 13, 2015 by Dorian in Relationship & Friendship
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Speaking from my past experience, it’s very difficult to find someone you can trust and will stay by you through the storm, but once you’ve found her, she is worth keeping! Therefore, I think having a pal is the best thing anyone could ever have. Because no friends means no happiness and that kind of life… You won’t like to live.

Friendship is not all about
finding the right person but also creating the right relation. Nor, is it how much we care in the beginning but how much we care till the end. My bestiee and I have been friends for a while now and it still looks like yesterday. We are so connected that we know each other’s thoughts and understand each other so well that even our future plans are close.

Though, the journey has not been easy, we still love each other. Sometimes we have misunderstandings which are always settled without external effort. It’s been our custom to write letters and exchange birthday gifts.  Funny enough, we have a lot in common-the same hobbies, it’s like we were twins and this has player a great role in keeping us together.

To know your pal for all seasons, he/she must have some features like; a caring heart, your kind of spirit/behaviour, meekness and frankness when it matters. However, even the strongest friends can still have arguments and issues of dispute. Most of which are teenage problems like; mistrust, or when a friend indulges in drug abuse or alcoholism.

A good friend does not have to be in the same age group as you are. I have a friend and she’s 30 years old and I’m just 17. Well, I think that these features are the key qualities to look for in a friend that will stand by you all the way.

Unfortunately, some people lose contact with their friends as they grow older, which is a sad way to lose a good friend. Hope you find your pal for all seasons. Good luck!

Written by: Festus Adenike Joy (Facebook)


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