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Have you ever heard/ been told some really weird things bout you? Trust me, I have.

Sometimes, people who don’t know us tend to have all sorts of assumptions about us. I wanted to write something different today so I thought up 7 weird things people assume about me.

1. Assumption :People think I’m Smart.
Truth : I’m not as smart as I seem, I may do some cool things, but I’m not really smaaarrrt. It gets funny when I shake my head and say,
” I dunno”, when I’m asked a supposed simple question and my friends give me the “I know you know but you don’t wanna tell” look. Hahaha. I dunno everything. LoL.

2. Assumption : people think I’m very young.
Truth : I’m not all that young. Wait. It’s not like I’m 35, but I’m not a tiny 13 year old who acts like an adult. I get tired of slanting my brows when somebody says something like ” you should be 15 or 16″. Ugh. Ask me instead!

3. Assumption : That I’m bossy.
Truth : this is quite annoying. I’m nowhere near bossy. The fact that I like to lead or make rules to make things more organised doesn’t make me bossy. Nah.

4. Assumption : That I’m a Snob.
Truth : I just don’t talk to some peeps. I’m no snob. I’m warm and friendly, maybe cuddly too. LoL. (This ain’t self praise). The funnier part is I get obsessed with people at times. Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood to talk and I keep to myself. I don’t fancy being friends with people who I just don’t like. True. But I’m definitely not a snob.

5. Assumption : people assume I’m quiet.
Truth : as this funny as this would sound to my good friends who know I can’t keep shut, some peeps think I don’t talk. Well, I once left home for a while for a teen camp and I didn’t talk much, so other peeps thought I was quiet. Very funny. I remember telling my buddy I wasn’t going to talk for about 30mins sometime ago. The result : I felt greatly uncomfortable. I love to talk. I can’t just repent.

6. Assumption : people think I’m cold-hearted.
Truth : I think I’m at fault here. I give the impression that nothing bothers me and my signature is “Heart of Steel”, but I’m not as tough as I seem. (Okay, maybe a little). But really, I’m soft inside. I can be mean when I want to be,but when I love(care), I love hard.

7. Assumption : Some not-so-many people think I’m not straight.
Truth : This was alarming, but I laugh about it now. Two of my friends once asked if I was gay. My oh my.. I ain’t. The facts that I am a typical cross-dresser to be who loves menswear and I pretend to to notice when guys hit on me doesn’t make me gay. I’m straight actually.

Huh! That was what I could come up with. Has anyone ever assume something weird about you? Do tell me in a comment. Who knows, it could be weirder than mine!

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  1. Kevie says:

    So many people assume I think I’m perfect but the truth is I ain’t anywhere near it and I don’t think like that…
    Some say I laugh too much and I don’t seem to have any problem but the truth is I have no problems actually bt the challenges I’m facing everyday cannot be weighed in a balance n laughing is one of the antidote I found to take care of my worries and sincerely I laugh more than I talk but that doesn’t make me a zombie,u get on my nerves I’ll pounce on you like a mad man.
    Some also assume I’m a slow poison,oh yes don’t even assume this because that’s the truth but I actually don’t kill,I can only make u weak for days and I sure have the antidote for your weakness..hehe I like me like crazy…


  2. Simon.D. says:

    (1).Assumption smtymz,makes life interestin.
    som assumed I am such a cute nd handsome guy most especially wen I am on a nice dress.well d truth is I am nt dat handsome bt wot I put on made it possible.
    2.som assumed I am a smart guy.well,I too assumed dat dier assumptions are ryt bt only wen I am in d midst of guys hu dnt get dier brain to work vry fast.bt d truth is I got d ability to tink vry fast towards solving problems nd dat,I dnt consider as being smart bt jst being reasonable.
    3.d most hilarious part of it is; ppl taking me to b a girl.its so annoying cos so many tyms guys”mean boys”approached me.it sounds so crazy after which dey get to kw I am a guy nd all dey cud say is sowi we thought u ar a girl.well, I dnt tink I am a girl cos I am nt in ani way like dem.I remembered one of my girl friend”nt dat gf” one told me;Dan u ar so beautiful.i am a typical boy wit bears alova.
    4.som assumed I dnt talk.well, it’s true nd dats bcos dey never saw me talk”ppl beg me to stop talking wen I start”.som assumed I dnt talk wit girls nd dats bcos dey never check my phone contact list nd my social networking list.


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