The Moving Target

Posted: June 21, 2015 by 1thoughtrevolution in Uncategorized

The moving target



“It is impossible to meet a moving target”

Many times in life, in our quest to become great and powerful, alleviate the world’s problems, solve hunger problems, poverty and make advances in science, technology, business, administration and so many other areas of human astonishment, as any good book would say or advice, you should set goals, have targets and plan to meet these goals.

Now, theoretically, that is superb. As young adults, these habits are what we should imbibe so as to groom us into a more promising future cum adulthood, but practically how many people are really “succeeding and becoming happy” as the books say? Not all I know.


There’s something called the moving target, now let us look at this scenario: Imagine you work with an outfit and the CEO gives a target at the beginning of the year. 3 months into the year, the CEO changes the target again and does so four other times but yet expects the company to get a reasonable turnover.

Now, this also applies to our lives when we set long and short term goals. We almost every time, tweak something in our plan, change “one or two things” in our goals thereby shifting the target and alternately the timeline we would take to accomplish.

So, now, the problem is no longer setting goals because “It is impossible to meet a moving target”


  1. Kevie says:

    I think as we begin to grow,we get more insight into the reality of our future which as well cannot be limited by only setting goals anymore,inasmuch as we can see the moving target we can get the hidden goals.


  2. mercylynar says:

    yes u are rite @kevie


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