Posted: June 27, 2015 by Dorian in Politics & emerging issues
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“A woman who seeks to be equal to a man has no ambition”. The person who said that was terribly shortsighted.

You don’t need feminism. You know who does?

*The women who are stoned for being raped, scared into silence and subjected to
long torturous years of violent sexual/physical abuse.

*The girl-child who is used as a currency for marriage, who becomes a baby making machine even before her organs are fully developed.

*The women whose dreams,aims,goals and aspirations die right before their almost-always tear-filled eyes even before they can learn to spell their names correctly.

*The girl-child who is shot in the head or splashed with acid because she dares to desire education.

*The girl-child who is brought up with the “you’re a girl, therefore you’re useless” ideology. The one who has zero level of self esteem. The one who has been taught to believe that she is of no use to society and must always be relegated to the background.

*The women whose ability to dream of a bright glowing future has been eliminated by their society. The ones whose inner fire has been put out because they are constantly reminded that being a female is the worst thing that can ever happen to them.

*The girl-child who is made to believe that marrying a man and answering his name is the only thing that makes her complete. The woman who is constantly told that the kitchen is the only place where she can be relevant.

These people are in great need of feminism, not you.

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