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doesgodexistThe idea of something bigger than you, something outside of you, something not derived from your own reasoning, to which you are nevertheless morally accountable, could be like ‘ochawakiri’ (the mythical monster they told me as a child was lurking in the village night). So, someone once said, religion is the opium of the masses. It’s something given to gullibles to dull their senses, so they can be led by the nose. And, today, people queue up for miles just to

take a swipe at faith; at the way it makes people do things they would not ordinarily do. From the man that straps a bomb to his chest, to the woman that swallows olive oil instead of paracetamol – is anything more dangerous that ‘irrationality’?

So, I wonder to myself, there is nothing out there? Okay, what next? ‘Right’ is subjective. ‘Wrong’ is relative. And what the majority of people on social networking sites think is as close as we can ever get to ‘Truth’.  ‘Liberal’ is the new piety, and the very worst thing you can say to someone else is, ‘What you think is wrong!’ Till a teenager opens fire in a crowded movie theatre. And a man is found with his ‘thing’ buried in a goat’s behind. Then, suddenly, something inside us wants to say, That’s wrong! But – on what basis? That it goes against what most people think is ‘appropriate’? That it wouldn’t get many ‘likes’ on facebook? That Oprah thinks it’s unacceptable? That the ‘global community’ finds it reprehensible? That it is inconsistent with our ‘humanity’? Defined by who? Hmm? Your opinion is a good as mine. So, who exactly made you judge?

Yes, it is true, when the overwhelming majority hold an opinion, moral dilemmas seem easy to resolve; we simply bludgeon the recalcitrant minority into submission. But views and opinions are like shorelines. And Time is the eternal Ocean. Could the day dawn when it’s okay for a fourteen-year old girl to have sex with a man? Or for doctors to engineer a baby in the womb so choosy parents can have a blue-eyed boy? When Nigerians don’t cringe at the sight of soft porn in home movies, or children sitting down while their parents are standing? Attitudes change. Today’s liberals become tomorrow’s conservatives, in a bewildering race to the bottom, to the lowest minimum standards possible. But no matter how low you go, there’s always someone that can take it a notch lower.


Maybe, that’s why, if He doesn’t really exist, someone quite clever invented the idea of God; so that when we tell our children ‘No!’ and they ask ‘Why?’ we can answer, ‘Because that’s just the way it is’. Not very progressive, I know. Not very ‘modern’, ‘post-modern’ or whatever the word is for describing a world where, often, the coolest thing you can be is clueless. But, at some point, you run out of logical reasons why people can’t do exactly what they feel like doing. ‘It’s just not right!’ ‘Why?’ ‘It just isn’t!’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because God said so.’ ‘Who’s that?’ ‘An all powerful, all knowing Being that created you and me, and knows exactly what’s best for us, and that isn’t.’ ‘Oh’, a bit incredulously, ‘Ok.’ End of discussion; self-destruction abated.

I don’t like it either; the things people do in the name of God. But that’s because I like to focus on the really stupid and the really cruel. In a country where there is no social welfare, God gives people hope. In a country where there is no security, He makes people feel safe. In the midst of grinding poverty and the most dismal economic conditions, He induces the courage to stay honest and hardworking. Where there is no real law to stop the strong, He causes many to voluntarily restrain themselves from consuming those who are weaker than them. Yes, I get frustrated too when He’s used to distract us from applying ourselves intelligently to the task of bettering our material conditions. But, then again, if this brutish existence has failed to obliterate everything good and kind in people, too many times, when you come close enough to ask, you will discover one reason: they still believe in the old-fashioned idea of a ‘Man in the Sky’.

So, I look up. Because I believe too, that He actually exists. But even if He doesn’t, the life I live thinking He does is so much better. Ehm…At least, to me.

By Dike Chukwumerije

Dike Chukwumerije is the author of the award-winning novel ‘Urinchindere’ and blogs at dikechukwumerije.blogspot.com and touchmeintheheart.blogspot.com

This article was reblogged from here with permission from the author


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