Posted: July 6, 2015 by Dorian in Getting Inspired
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#Beingfemaleinnigeria is actually tough. Really tho, it’s a very hard task. We ladies are taught to be how to be good and submissive wives and how to cook. But the men are never taught to be responsible. In Nigeria, you hear people tell females, “You should never be too tall(as if one can control one’s genes), too outspoken or overambitious because

you might not find your husband”.

We are also meant to throw away our CVs and enter the kitchen. We are also the supposed baby-making machines. If our husband cheats on us,we are the ones who didn’t satisfy him. If we are raped, we’re accused of indecent dressing and we’re subjected to traumatising stigma. We are told to be ambitious but not too much as this might scare the men away.

Should we also reduce our heights because our husbands are shorter than us? This has to stop. Being a  feminist  doesn’t mean I hate men. I just fight for the rights that I should have. There’s no beating about the bush. I am a feminist and I’m not sorry at all. This is not the dinosaur age.

Written by : Anthonia Tijani (Facebook)

  1. Gbemmie says:

    That is the truth…….it is high time we change this old believe of our people….it has to stop this is age of computer’s.
    Good job!


  2. Kevie says:

    That’s the reason why we are stocked,we believe in too many stupid things…


  3. fessyjay says:

    The general belief is that she’s a flexible and soft vessel which a sign of weakness. Well, that’s an understatement.


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