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My name is Otuagomah Dhebbie and I’m 18. I live in Ondo State, Nigeria. My skin is the colour of creamy chocolate.

       They call me Dhebbie and Dorian as well. My fave colour is black and I’m not a foodie. I am an aspiring law student of the University of Benin.

     I’m a YA writer and I also blog about YA stuff at The Koterie. I have an undying love for books, menswear and movies. I’m also a media enthusiast, an ICT geek and a music fanatic. I identify as a cross dresser. I’m an unapologetic tomboy and an unrepentant
talkative. Did I mention that I’m short? Well, there.

I’m a bit over independent and super ambitious. I like to lead and blaze trails as well. I’m working on my first full fledged novel and my e-commerce startup bookstore as well. I really want to step up my freelance writing and my photography skills.

     I have a fear of heights and I am a bit mean-spirited, but when I love people, I love them hard.     Danke!

I didn’t just start to blog. Prior to blogging, I was already used to sharing my writings on my Facebook feed to friends to see. One of my friends suggested blogging and like the planner I am, I researched a lot on the type of stuff I was going into and what I wanted to write.

I didn’t know a lot of things about blogging, but I knew one thing: I wanted to he heard by other young people. I live in Nigeria. Here, few people blog about matters that are very important. The majority blog about celebrity news(gossip, I mean), football, music and other stuff. I didn’t want any of that.

I wanted to write about the things we face as teenagers blossoming into adulthood. I wanted to write about the pains,fears, joys, goals and aims of young people. That was my initial motive.

But after a while, I figured out that if I really wanted to build a young adult community, I’d actually need other people. So, I reached out to my friends and other smart teenagers like me. I started to build a team and that was when I realised it was a super tough thing to do.

I once had a team of about 20 teens but things began to go awry. The disappointments were heartbreaking. Many started to pull out. More of those who managed to stay became lax. Other diligent ones were held down by school work and other things. The blog wavered and shook. We struggled with a lot of things: readers, traffic, editing and other things.

I wasn’t really used to failing at things and I almost got disillusioned. That was the moment I realised something.. “You cannot force people to believe in your dreams”. If they don’t want in. That will not stay. That just won’t.

I figured out the way to stay motivated was to keep writing as if I was the only person in the team. And that was what I did. Things looked up and I got more response from my teammates. Things are not perfect now but they are okay.

A lot of people write/blog for many reasons. I do so because I want better teenagers, better young adults and a stronger society. That, is why I’m here.

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    Hmmmm… Great!


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