Hear? Listen?

Posted: July 8, 2015 by Dorian in Did You Know?
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As funny as it sounds, I just realised that the most common things, those really small things we term “mundane” are the hardest to understand for a lot of people.. What does it mean to listen!? (Take some time and answer yourself).

I found out after listening to myself that to me, to listen is “to sit and hear what someone has to say”, and that is it. But really what it means to listen is to
“hear with an intention to understand”. Key words there ‘hear’ and ‘understand’.

Meaning?  Until you’ve heard and understood a person, you can’t say you have listened. (So we now all know the difference between hearing and listening, great!)

   To hear is something more biological, in the sense that you have ears to hear, but to listen is something of the body and mind, the ear and brain must agree together to listen. In as much as we hate to admit it, most people don’t listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.

  Try and think about that for a bit, when someone is speaking to you, they actually are trying to get you to understand what they are saying , but if you the hearer (not listener) is hearing just to reply the person, we see that there’s no progression because there’s no understanding, just hearing.

  When next someone asks “are you listening to me?” Be truthful. Say something like, “No, I’m actually just hearing you.”
It’s not tautology, there’s actually a difference.

Several things like this in life need to be critically examined and established. What do you think?

Written by Rubie Targema-Takema (Facebook)


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