Posted: July 9, 2015 by Dorian in Getting Inspired
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True happiness no doubt lies in the thrill of creative efforts. The joy you feel when you get your name written against some spectacular landmarks is usually overwhelming, consuming and refreshing. It feels like touching the sky, like hugging the sun , like gliding in space and doing the impossible. Yeah! That’s why you see a lot of people struggling to achieve success at all cost.

No doubts, there will be obstacles, there brace up and
try your best. No effort is wasted if only you can try. There are mainly two types of these perky words:
– the small marks
– the big marks.
Which do you want to make? It depends on you and only you. Of course! , the big marks are not easy to get but when you’ve got them, you’ll feel the bubbling of joy inside you, because many will want to follow your steps.

No wonder, Olympic medallists shed tears receiving their medals. It takes you to a whole new level, the fifth dimension of existence. It’s so good it can’t be purchased… It’s like flying without wings.

Brace up to the challenges of living and leave this world better than you met it. We’ve all got just one life to live. So, I dare you to make not just any mark but a big mark! See you at the top! .

Written by Festus Adenike Joy (Facebook)


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