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True happiness no doubt lies in the thrill of creative efforts. The joy you feel when you get your name written against some spectacular landmarks is usually overwhelming, consuming and refreshing. It feels like touching the sky, like hugging the sun , like gliding in space and doing the impossible. Yeah! That’s why you see a lot of people struggling to achieve success at all cost.

No doubts, there will be obstacles, there brace up and (more…)




#Beingfemaleinnigeria is actually tough. Really tho, it’s a very hard task. We ladies are taught to be how to be good and submissive wives and how to cook. But the men are never taught to be responsible. In Nigeria, you hear people tell females, “You should never be too tall(as if one can control one’s genes), too outspoken or overambitious because


  Let’s create a scenario.
You went somewhere one day, maybe school, or maybe at work, your teacher or boss gives you a really big bubble with a candy bar in it. He shows you a red line at the end of the room and says to you, “if you can cross that red line without this bubble bursting, I’ll give you a million pounds” and his absolutely not kidding.
What would you do!?! (more…)


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I was very recently talking to some friends of mine. You know, the best and most engaging talks with friends, sometimes come at the most awkward times but yea, aha moments are not far-fetched in those moments.

So, in one of those precious moments, my friend said she read something recently on


Conan Doyle -- Author of the very popular "Sherlock Holmes". (Today is his birthday)

     “If we must die, let it not be like hogs,
hunted and penned to an inglorious spot
While round us bark the mad & hungry dogs
Making their mock at our accursed lot”
     If we must die, oh let us nobly die
So that our precious blood (more…)

We all are aiming for something, something big,extraordinary or super. But the question is : “are we good enough to be called goal getters?” The dream of achieving anything first comes from

Most times, we realize we have a lots of stuff to do and due to our laziness, we put them off till later and expectedly, they pile and pile.

We leave our to-do undone and begin to wish magic really existed. Personally, I rarely get sick, but one very terrible