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Who am I?

Posted: April 16, 2015 by fessyjay in Getting Inspired
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You are in a position of incredible power when you ask yourself questions like ” who am I ?”and ” who do I want to become? You are the only one who can answer these questions. Many will probably think more about the latter but actually the former determines, because it is who you are.

When most people are asked of who they are, they will probably say ” I’m ….”, it all ends with the name. It’s more than just that, it goes far as asking “what am I good at?, Am I brave or shy?, Am I an orator or a good listener? Have I got what it takes to be me? What are my specializations? Then answering all these will put you in the stand for what you’ll become. Be it academics or social activities, you can be outstanding.

Every one is working towards perfection, for no one is perfect! Don’t say, ” I’m not brilliant” or ” I’m not just good at doing anything”. You have to work towards it. Sometimes you wish you were good at something but you feel it’s not possible. Well, you’ve got it in you, all you need to do is just build yourself up. Those you see among the great today, didn’t just rise in a day. It was a gradual process, for Rome was not built in a day.


Every seconds, minutes, hour and day draws us near to what we call the future, so take some time to examine yourself, know what you love doing, your dislikes, habits, dreams,interests, your allergies and discover more about yourself then will you get to know who you really are! See you at the top!

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A Youth In His Prime Time

Posted: April 13, 2015 by Arinola Lawal in Getting Inspired
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I want to first appreciate God for allowing me to meet this amazing teen blogger, Dhebbie Jhay. I also want to appreciate her as well for giving me the opportunity to write for teens.

My passion for writing came on when I first met Dhebbie. It is encouraging to meet a lot of people whose passion for humanity breaks the law of nature. Especially Dhebbie, the unapologetic tomboy. She’s fabulous and fabulous indeed. My writing today is about ‘The youth in his prime time’. I have heard, seen and figured out that the youth are the most important people in any organization. Whether it is politics, religion, culture or tradition. A youth in his prime time is very much needed to make it work. What do I mean? I mean a youth with a positive focus, a youth with creative ideas, power and vigor. A fearless compassionate youth who believes in the world becoming a better place for everyone.


Yes, the world may never become a better place because of the presence of evil. Youths that can rise up like little David in the scripture who challenged great Goliath. Face the devil (could be anybody) boldly and declare that they are youths in their prime time.

All my life as a little child, I was very quiet. You could hardly ever hear a word from me. I spent those years studying people and I discovered fear and confidence in the minds of every adult. Confidence in the sense that they can protect us, guide us and pick up our broken pieces. They can fight for us because of their strength but are afraid that we could overturn the old way, bring positive change to the society (which could be unfavorable to them). I like that kind of fear.

Be the youth who won’t allow the present economical, political and societal challenges to hold him back. Rather, become the youth who can motivate other youths to rise up with you to fight for change. A youth who does not scare easily. A youth who is sure that God by his side.


Written by: Okpimah O. Amos

Often times we are maltreated and denied what is rightfully ours. We take the blame for crimes committed against us. Disgraced and relegated to the background. Most times in such instances we seat and watch our world crumble before our very eyes. Other times we accept this ill fate and retire to counting the days left before we finally get to meet with our creator. It is on very few occasions that we tend to rise up and fight back. Chaos, blood shed and death are the usual turn of events when wars are being waged against a much stronger opposition. Perhaps the story was a whole lot different in the early 60s when a clergyman and civil rights activist gave up the conventional sword and shield for a pen and paper, matching on against the dreadful and intimidating white people of the United States, preaching equality among races.

The stench of segregation still lingers on till today. That only gives a foresight of what it was like barely half a century ago judging by the advancement in civilization from that time to date. Born on January 15, 1929, Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He remains one of the few who rose up to fight; against the far-reaching claws of segregation, the heart piercing psychological trauma of racial discrimination. What is so fascinating about this African American hero is his non-violent approach in restoring glory to the blacks.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as Michael Luther King Jr. before in 1934 a trip to Germany to attend the Fifth Baptist World Alliance Congress in Berlin incited a change of name by Martin Luther king Sr. for himself and his son as well. His father had chosen to be called Martin Luther King in honor of the German reformer Martin Luther. MLK as he is popularly known, had attended Morehouse College (B.A.), Crozer Theological Seminary (B.D.), as well as Boston University where he obtained a PhD.

As a civil right activist he kicked off his career by first leading the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott. In 1957 he founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which is an African American civil rights organization with the goal of redeeming the “soul of America” through nonviolent resistance. He served as its first president. King’s 1962 Albany Movement was unsuccessful but notwithstanding he helped organize the 1963 nonviolent protests in Birmingham, Alabama which attracted national attention following television news coverage of the brutal police response. It wasn’t until the 1963 “March on Washington” where he delivered his famous “I have a dream speech” that he gained his recognition as one of the greatest orators of the United States.

MLK has in no doubt proven to the world that violent protest is not the only way to combat civil unrest. He illustrated the power of spoken words and was able to reach deep into the hearts of many to prick the conscience of the discriminating whites. His efforts were indeed recognised and rewarded when on October 14, 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through nonviolence. In 1965 he marched on moving as far as chicago. He later included poverty and spoke against the Vietnam War. His 1967 speech titled “Beyond Vietnam” gained a lot of credits worldwide.

We all get faced with conflicting issues. We may find ourselves forced into tight uncomfortable corners. Sometimes the pressure becomes too much to bear. How do we respond to such situations? Do we result into violence or seek to tread peacefully? I believe the life and story of Martín Luther King Jr. stirs up the urge and need to believe in the power of peaceful dialogue. This way we can win the war and not just the battles.

In 1968, King was planning a national occupation of Washington, D.C., to be called the Poor People’s Campaign, when he was assassinated on April 4 in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray.


Posted: January 7, 2015 by Tiafxul in Getting Inspired


“Life is short, you have to enjoy it while it last”, she quipped. These words of my friend got me thinking. I pondered over the validity of this assertion. In the end, I concluded that the validity of those words can not be contested. “Life is indeed short”, and “we need to enjoy it while it lasts”. After all, even the Bible commended us that life is vanity, and thus “There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of Yahweh (God).” (Ecclesiastes 2:24).
However, this brings us to the question of what we refer to as enjoyment. In our society today, definition of enjoyment varies as much as people differ, but many of them are essentially from wrong paradigms. A random sampling among young people today may reveal that what many now see as enjoyment  are licentiousness, drunkenness, gluttony etc. It is quite unfortunate, and I think that this myopic view of enjoyment is the primary reason people go into all forms of heinous crimes, all in the name of enjoying themselves, or having a means to enjoying themselves.

I have observed that many activities people engage in order to ‘enjoy life’ or have a means to do so are life-shortening. Therefore, I ask, since life is short, should we make it shorter with our so-called enjoyments?
In all honesty, life is short, and it is wisdom that in the little while we have , that we use it well. Young people are the most oblivious of this fact, and are, sometimes, only jolted back to reality and sobriety when the consequences of their juvenile decisions starts to haunt them. My father’s favourite advice is, Ifeoma adighi agwu agwu. Good things never end (another way of saying, ‘the beautiful ones are not yet born’). An implicit reminder in this advice is that, important things should not be sacrificed at the alter of instant gratification/enjoyment.
So let’s start living a life with longer term perspective. Before you seek ‘enjoyment’ in that booze, ‘kpuff’, one-night (or afternoon) stand, think of its consequences. If it’s worth avoiding, avoid it. If it’s waiting for, then wait.  There are more important things to achieve. Remember, Ifeoma adighi agwu agwu.

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Posted: January 6, 2015 by justicejay in Getting Inspired
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As a young teenager, I had always admired and will continue to admire the rich and famous in the society. Irrespective of the source of their wealth, clean OR dirty. When I say dirty,I am also referring to the “yahoo guy” who resides down my street and lives in a duplex with a variety of cars which include A Range Rover,Voltron,Croustour in his garage. But the again, I have had a rethink. No matter what has been done to get that wealth, labour,time and energy must have into it. And yes, a whole lot of sacrifice.

Looking at the average teenager today,who wants to acquire everything but is not ready to sacrifice anything, I just cannot help but ask God to help this present generation. Imagine a teenager who does nothing but fiddle with a phone all day,who spends the whole time in a game house or a bet house(I mean Nairabet, Bet9ja) , watching TV all day who wants to drive a Voltron, own a duplex and have all the luxuries of life. Well, I’m sorry, things do not work that way in life.

To be realistic,you can’t reap where you haven’t sown. I’m not a Pastor, but even the bible says in Proverbs 6;4-11, most especially in verse 6 that we should go to the ant and consider its ways and be wise. The ant has no guide,overseer or ruler but it provides food for itself in the summer. It also says that a little sleep,a little slumber and a little folding of the hands will bring poverty unto you and I know nobody wants to be poor. So my dear,do have a serious rethink and consider adopting the ANT SPIRIT!
To be continued.




Posted: January 5, 2015 by misstijani265 in Getting Inspired
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So, right now, we are all about insecurity and a lot of other things like our imperfections/flaws. We tag ourselves ‘The Young Adults’ which our parents roll their eyes at (and we pretend not too see).

Now we are a bit selfish, you know? That its-all-about-me-me-me syndrome(just admit it).Yep ! I know… It’s easy for us to get hurt. Little things upset us which can end up in hysterical tears (well maybe not for the male teen).

We all long for that ‘pat on the back’ ,the feeling of being appreciated for the little things we do. Hey, don’t you dare think a normal Nigerian parent will let their daughter wear the crop top without a camisole and or ever understand why guys sag .Don’t ask me why its just like that. But we understand ourselves.

It’s like there is a bond between the millions of teenagers in the world. It’s like we all live in a small bubble. We don’t know it but we all think alike when it comes to certain subjects, e.g : What’s the hottest phone right now? I am 98% sure you said the iPhone 6.You see? (smiles).
Well, I just want to end this piece by saying teenagers are great people with great personalities. Some may call us rude and too emotional but we are the best people to make friends with when you get to know us.
Au viour!

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Why do you study?  Why do you ever read for those exams? Why do you aim for an high score in your test?  I guess its cause of your purposeful thirst right? Or wait! Is it cause you were promised a new dress or the 3rd Edition of the PlayStation if you perform well in your test and exams? Gosh! I knew it!


So, some of you actually study cause of the temporal stuffs you tend to gain, but what if you weren’t promised any of those, will you actually strive for an “A”? ,will you pick up your books in your leisure time without

delay or procrastination?. Me? You think i was like that too? Nah! As a kid, I wasn’t promised anything if I

had an ‘A’ or even an ‘A++’ if there was anything like that. The only time I was really promised a thing

was when I switched my educational focus to a very not so beautiful girl in my class then and had a little

drop in grade, and that was a couple knocks and a little bit of forced dieting.


Oh! It wasn’t like I  was fat,it just meant I’ll get my grubs on a little less times each day if it ever happened again. Now I can really hear you asking me why I studied then?. OK I’ll tell you. I think I studied then because my Mama told me that my only chance of ever becoming that guy who wears a white overall and has the sacred right to stick a syringe into a patient’s butt without being arrested is by studying hard. That was my purpose.


I’m not saying the fact that your Dad promised you the latest iPhone edition or any other gadget if you had a good grade is a bad thing i mean ‘wow!’ you’re such a lucky kid, but that should not be the reason why you study. That should just be

a medium to propel you in your already aspired purpose,because if anytime you get on that PS 4 loading Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

and the controller already feels like a laminated sheet of Hardcore paper(a certificate), you should know you’ve placed the full stop

on the wrong side of the sentence and you probably still have a long way to go. In comparison, you can be related to a soccer pitch with 22 players without a goal post!


Pointless! Aimless!. So, next time you pick up a notebook or a textbook to read, make sure you reassess your aim. Make sure you’re doing so for a strong purpose and not just for some reason,because while studying for reason may get you to the next phase, studying with a purpose will get you to the top. Peace!Depression Screening