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Strange-land mine
While you dance to the urban wind of belief
And to the treading feet which awaken relief
And as the hill sojourns with you on his back
You must embrace it all…
…that the canals stream your way
When your braids besot a



Have you ever heard/ been told some really weird things bout you? Trust me, I have.

Sometimes, people who don’t know us tend to have all sorts of assumptions about us. I wanted to write something different today so I thought up 7 weird things people assume about me.

1. Assumption :People think I’m Smart.
Truth : I’m not as smart as I seem, I may do some cool things, but I’m not really smaaarrrt. It gets funny when I shake my head and say, (more…)


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     I have always wanted to tell you. I have always wanted to let you know how I felt about you. But I never had the courage to.
     I have always wanted to show you that there was more to me than (more…)


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Where does a man buy a cap for his knee?
Or a key for his lock of his hair?
Should his eyes be called an academy, because they are pupils there?

In the crown of his (more…)

Of life and dreams

Posted: April 29, 2015 by TheBrontide in Literary Corner
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Rob me of my dreams
And you’ve taken it all
Because on those pitch black days
Almost everyday recently
When I sit in the corner of my room
Selfishly wishing this charade would end
Its those dreams that stop the tears
And the urge to do something stupid

They think its their love that keeps me
I’m sorry that it isn’t
And that I haven’t done much to earn it
I can’t tell them any of this
It would break them
This is the least I can do
To keep their illusion alive
Since I can’t guarantee my life

They say its what they feel
That makes them want to hold me
Rock me
Protect me from evils unseen
Save me from my dreams
Because according to them
Those dreams cause more harm than good
But no, I refuse to accept it

On those nights when my breathing becomes laboured
And they come running, keys in hand
Because the baby monitor has alerted them
Even though I am no baby
Those nights, when the doctors try
And my parents are distraught with fear
The images of everywhere I want to go
They fuel my fight for life

So life, will you give me the time to live my dreams?

Written by: TheBrontide (Twitter)

Chika Nina Unigwe is a Nigerian-born author. She was born in 1974, in Enugu and writes in English and Dutch. She got  selected to be part of Hay Festival’s Africa39 list of 39 Sub-Saharan African writers aged under 40 in April 2014. 

Her novels include:

  •  De Feniks which was published in 2005 (the same year she won the 3rd prize in the Equiano Fiction Contest)
  • Fata Morgana (2008)
  • On Black Sisters’ Street, a novel about African prostitutes living and working in Belgium. On Black Sisters’ Street won the Nigeria Prize for Literature in 2012, valued at $100,000 (Africa’s largest literary prize) 
  • Black Messiah, a novel about Olaudah Equiano.


She lives in the United States with her family. Teen Orbit was so fortunate to have a chat with Chika Unigwe.
In this interview, she tells Dhebbie about her childhood and career amongst other things. 

IMG-20150410-WA0001Question: Please, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Answer: I was born in Enugu, Nigeria. I’m the 6th of 7 children. I left Enugu to go to boarding school (FGGC Bwari, Abuja). I am an alumnus of the University of Nigeria. I have a Masters Degree from the KU Leuven, and a PhD from the University of Leiden, Holland. I am married with 4 children. 

Question: What is your normal day like? 
Answer: I wake, help my youngest son get ready for school and write.

Question: So, how do you unwind after a hectic day?
Answer: I listen to music or read a good book (or do both).

Question: And what was growing up like?
Answer:  I had a beautiful childhood, full of warmth and love.

Question: What is your best memory from teenage hood?
Answer:  Going off to the university.

Question: What was the major challenge you faced as a teenager?
Answer: Not giving in to peer pressure, being my own person.

Question: And how did you overcome the challenge ?
Answer: I stayed true to the values I was raised with, and refused to do anything which made me uncomfortable, or which I could not tell my mother about.

Question: Who were your mentors as a teenager? 
Answer: Flora Nwapa, Buchi Emecheta and Chinua Achebe.

Question: What inspired you to chose your choice of career?
Answer:  I enjoyed writing.

Question: What was the thing you regretted doing as a teenager ?
Answer: Going to an all-night party without making sure there was someone to bring me back at the end of it. I never went to another party if I did not have a sure way of getting back to the campus at the end of it.

Question: Is there any trend you’ve noticed among teens these days that didn’t exist in your time?
Answer: Yes. The Social Media. Teenagers these days are more public about their private lives (thanks to the internet).

Question: Who do you admire more than anyone else in your field?
Answer: Lots of writers.

Question: What’s your greatest fear?
Answer: That I’d go blind and be unable to write (or read).

Question: So, what’s the next project you’re working on?
Answer: Another novel.

Question: What’s the dream you’re committed to making real?
Answer: Writing as many books as I can.

Question: What do you attribute your success to?
Answer: Blessings, luck, opportunities and hardwork.

Question: What’s your advice to young people like me?
Answer: Coolness isn’t giving in to peer pressure. Coolness is being true to yourself.

Question: Is there anything I didn’t ask that you’d like readers to know?
Answer: No, thank you.

Dhebbie: Thanks so much for the interview.
C. Unigwe: My pleasure.

I hope that lit up something in you. Be a functional teen/young adult, The world awaits you!
You won’t believe who we’ll be interviewing next! Can you guess??

Written by: Otuagomah Dhebbie Jhay


Posted: January 15, 2015 by Tiafxul in Literary Corner


Ever heard of the word “phobia” ? Huh?  A phobia is a strong unreasonable fear of something. Below is a list of very weird phobias I think you should see:
15. Carnophobia = fear of meat (my oh my, I can never have this!)

14. Ablutophobia = fear of bathing (well, if you can endure body odour, why not?)

13. Philemaphobia = fear of kissing or being kissed (aha! Very weird)

12. Scopophobia = fear of being stared at (I know a couple of shy people who’ve got this)

11. Haptephobia =  fear of being touched (wait, I used to have this)

10. Anuptaphobia = fear of being single (seems familiar, eh?)

9.  Melophobia =  fear of music (huh? Like seriously?)

8. Phagophobia = fear of eating (he he, this is a very rare one)

7. Sequipedalophobia = fear of long words (oh, now I know why some peeps hated English classes)

6. Geliophobia = fear of laughter (now, that’s weird)

5. Cacophobia = fear of ugliness (ooohhhh! really?)

4. Heterophobia = fear of the opposite sex (hmm, I don’t really fear guys)

3. Chrematophobia = fear of money (what!??? Now that’s something I’ll never have)

2. Philophobia = fear of love or being in love (*coughs. No comment)

1. Didaskaleinophobia = fear of school (hahaha!! I know peeps who still have this!)

LoL. I hope you learnt something new. Got another to add to the list?


By Otuagomah Deborah

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