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doesgodexistThe idea of something bigger than you, something outside of you, something not derived from your own reasoning, to which you are nevertheless morally accountable, could be like ‘ochawakiri’ (the mythical monster they told me as a child was lurking in the village night). So, someone once said, religion is the opium of the masses. It’s something given to gullibles to dull their senses, so they can be led by the nose. And, today, people queue up for miles just to



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   I’m well convinced that while some don’t know the value of what they don’t have,some practically don’t know the value of what they have and there are some who actually know the value of some things which they have but can’t keep it in a balance so they

This Is Why You’re On This Planet

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This is Planet Earth. Have you ever wondered why we’re here? Whether you believe in evolution, The Big Bang or God’s creation of man, the fact still remains: we’re here. On earth.


Well, I’m a stickler for the creation theory and I’ve always wondered why God put us here. I’ve heard many people say, “oh, we were created to give God praise.” I do not disagree but I think I have another idea.

You see, almost all religions have the “heaven-hell” theory which I deeply believe in. “Why?”, you may ask. But why not? Please, don’t tell me all these bad people won’t suffer for their terrible deeds! This same theory forms the basis for my own ideology.

God is super powerful, we all know. If he wanted, he could have just put all humans in heaven and let us enjoy being pure and saintly. But no, He didn’t and here we are.
Now, who knows, if He’d put everyone in heaven(not earth), there would have been some very bad people who are capable of doing bad and bad things alone who would have turned God’s haven into something the very opposite of pure.

So, the idea of earth was birthed. This planet would be a place where we all would display our characters and choose our eternal home. Now, don’t laugh. If God wanted, he could cleanse all our hearts in a second and whisk us all away to His abode but that’s not the way things are done.

We humans have been created with the ability to think and reason for ourselves. We have the power to choose every single action, thought or word. This is why we’re here. We’re here to make a choice. We’re here to decide.

I may be wrong but it’s a feasible idea. Do not forget to choose right anyways. I’d like to see comments on what you think.

Written by: Otuagomah Dhebbie Jhay


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Are you shocked at this topic??suicide-bombers

What could be going through your mind right now? 99% of humans would interpret this differently but only 1% would crack this puzzle. Take a minute off and think about this topic again, don’t just read and say “yes” but look  deeply and scream “I got it”. The topic above is in itself the simplest way I can illustrate problems clinging to the helms of life’s skirt. Everyday we scream of problems, complexity and complications of life but wait! What is life? Life is that; that is in you and me which has nothing to do with your design and existence on earth rather it is you that has everything to do with life. Life doesn’t breathe to keep you going, you breathe to keep it going, it doesn’t accumulate success to make you smile at it; you accumulate success to make it smile at you. What an irony!!!
Now back to the topic, I am sure whatever interpretation you have spinning in your head is that ” my dream is to become a suicide bomber” (laughs) do you actually think I would attach bombs round my neck like it’s bling bling and head towards millions of people? Oh c’mon I can actually do better than that. So, I caught you there!!! You are definitely among the 99% if you have interpreted it as such or let me say you’re an English guru but this time it is a puzzle to rattle your minds.
The topic above simply implies that my dream is a suicide bomber. At one point or another in our lives, our dream could be so big that it preys on our minds and souls which tells perfectly well on our body. It is so fair and fictional that it only keeps us wondering and seeking answers beyond the understanding of men. We are the victims of our dreams and the way we plan it could activate it and kill us mentally, physically, socially, emotionally; just name then.
In summary, the lesson of this is not to ask you to stop dreaming but to stop the mistakes of making the potentials of our dreams a bomb and our dreams the suicide bomber. Base on this, the time has come for us to think deeply, analyse our strengths and weaknesses then place our dreams in the right sight of vision. Everyman is a visionary thinker but only few are expert executors. Our dreams to a large extent nourishes and can equally cut us down in the various facets of our lives.
Therefore, why settle for something so big that weakens and bring you down?? Why not just put up for something that every part of your body responds to, that the mere thought of it makes you smile uncontrollably? Your dream is meant to nourish your spirit, feed your soul and strengthen your body. So, see you at the top!!!



Otuagomah Joristo

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“Ink on my skin…call it a sin?

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Tattooing is an art which dates as far back as the 18th century. These indelible modifications to the dermis of the skin changing its pigment was initially inspired by cultural and religious believes. Modern day or professional tattooing is mostly driven by artistic, cosmetic or ostentatious motives. Although, some markings on the skin symbolizes a sense of belonging or identification with a group or gang others are fuelled by personal discretion.

Today, most TV stars, musicians, sportsmen or women, those we idolize and celebrate see tattooing as a must-do. Some youths, attracted to the trend, have it on their to-do list but unfortunately or fortunately depending on ones point of view, have been denied by parental control.

Now to lay the basis for my argument; from the moral perception of tattoo art or skin art, as it is sometimes called, in an African or more particularly a Nigerian society, it seems to be getting an obvious frown. The inculcation of western religion basically Christianity into the cultural structure and values of her people has indeed played a major role.

Yes! It is written in the good book that inscribing tattoo marks on the skin is an act condemned by God(Lev. 19:28). This is an old testament law and perhaps has raised arguments that it does not apply to Christians under the new covenant in Christ Jesus. Permit me to say that if God has a problem with it then man should totally avoid it. But, it remains a question of religious ideology and how far we are willing to go to sustain our salvation.

For a pagan, what is written and what isn’t doesn’t really matter; its all about his or her personal principles and guidelines.

Do we have Christians today who are contemplating on whether getting a tattoo done is healthy for their Christian lives or not? Romans 10:4 ; Galatians 3:23-25 ; Ephesians 2:15 may not have clearly driven home the point that new testament believers are not excluded from God’s warning concerning tattoo marks but certainly,it isn’t a go ahead either.

Just to play safe try seeking God’s permission first before you choose to draw on his temple or better yet, get a drawing board.


I am a Christian, and I admit
That God made the heaven,
And the earth beneath it.
He finished all by day seven,
And this might not sound legit
But he created me & that’s a given.

I am a scientist, and I am aware
That all those fossils
That show evolution from Pikaia
Are not at all false,
And it’s very hard to compare
This bio-science with the gospel.

Now let’s do ‘the creation’ x-ray
“We evolved from fish” (science herewith)
But weren’t we made on the sixth day,
After the fish was created on the fifth?
No matter how you see it, it’s still Yahweh
The bible is alive, it’s surely not a myth.

“We didn’t evolve the next day”, they say.
“A day is like 1000 years to the lord” replies Peter.
I don’t know how true science is by the way,
Nor am I sure of what to believe in science either.
But I know God’s love for us is agape,
Despite knowing everything we do and deeper.

I am not trying to explain God with science
I am just trying to explain science with God
Science might not be true, no bias
But if it is, it can only be based in the word
Mutual exclusion is not possible for my conscience,
And if it ever comes to that, I would always choose God.


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Its always being said that the world is filled with opportunities, but it appears most of these opportunities are not visible, maybe not for those that are myopic in view, maybe cause most of em are hidden in ideas that doesnt look feasible. But i dont think the fortold opportunities are illusions, i think finding them is possible. One good way of finding opportunities is in looking into where the needs of the society lies. Making the fulfilment of societal need a priority not only create opportunity and benefits for yourself but also helps satisfy the society at large as this will help create an improved difference in the society.

Lets take a look at an example of someone who have achieved this, and made the world a better place for the Homo sapien specie

CHEN GUANGBIAO- This chinese billonaire sold can of fresh air to the chinese population,the product “Chen Guangbiao Nice Guy” sells for about $0.80 per can. Sounds insane for some people, But the Chinese population has been experiencing a worsening air pollution recently, beginning to make sense?. Making Needs Benefit, creates opportunities and satisfies everyone.

There are lots other “Chen” out there who have achieved and some probably still achieving this. Why cant you be one of em …. Find People’s need today and create an opportunity.