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Of life and dreams

Posted: April 29, 2015 by Arinola Lawal in Literary Corner
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Rob me of my dreams
And you’ve taken it all
Because on those pitch black days
Almost everyday recently
When I sit in the corner of my room
Selfishly wishing this charade would end
Its those dreams that stop the tears
And the urge to do something stupid

They think its their love that keeps me
I’m sorry that it isn’t
And that I haven’t done much to earn it
I can’t tell them any of this
It would break them
This is the least I can do
To keep their illusion alive
Since I can’t guarantee my life

They say its what they feel
That makes them want to hold me
Rock me
Protect me from evils unseen
Save me from my dreams
Because according to them
Those dreams cause more harm than good
But no, I refuse to accept it

On those nights when my breathing becomes laboured
And they come running, keys in hand
Because the baby monitor has alerted them
Even though I am no baby
Those nights, when the doctors try
And my parents are distraught with fear
The images of everywhere I want to go
They fuel my fight for life

So life, will you give me the time to live my dreams?

Written by: TheBrontide (Twitter)


Suicide: It doesn’t end the pain

Posted: April 10, 2015 by Arinola Lawal in Tough Stuff
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In this part of the world, where parents do not care about their children’s psychological health, it is not uncommon to see kids withering away under the burden of depression.


In this age of ours (which is it again?), our numerous problems as teens (which our parents just won’t see) are increasing everyday and almost all of us wish we could go back to being five years old when our only problem was food.

From low self-esteem, to poor academic performances, down to our daily hormonal battles, then to strict conditions that won’t let us spread our wings and fly. The list goes on and on and then the ultimate happens. We become disillusioned. We give up. We begin to develop the, “oh, I just want to die and end this pain” feeling. Then we start to look for different ways to die painlessly (no thanks to Google).

But wait, is death the answer? No. It’s not. The truth is: suicide is the coward’s choice. Very simple. You think suicide can give you peace? You’re very mistaken. The pain you’ll leave behind in the hearts of those who loved you is far greater and injurious than the one you feel now.

The common whim is: “Nobody wants me (sniffs). They all hate me. (sniffs) I just want to die and end all this.” Want to know the truth? It’s not that nobody wants you. It’s you who wants nobody. By choosing suicide, you mean to say that you do not want anyone in your life. It’s you who’s turned your back on the very few people who still care about you.

You might really feel the world is against you and that nobody wants you but I don’t think you’re looking hard enough. There’s definitely going to be someone or something that’s worth living for. For some, it’s an online friend, a baby sibling, a secret crush, for others it could be a huge dream. If you think you don’t have one, then look for it. You need to find one thing that makes you happy genuinely. Just one thing can be enough at times.

Life is very hard. True. It can be beautiful too. You cannot afford to be a coward and let things get to you. Talk to someone you really trust about how you feel. You’re here for a reason. These days are very dark but they’ll definitely pass. Hold on.

Happy teenage girl

Written by: Otuagomah Dhebbie Jhay


Posted: December 13, 2014 by stevano007 in Literary Corner
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I live in a world of fantasy

Stalked in my vision of ecstasy

Give me a nudge that’ll bring me back to reality

And save me from these dreams that lack clarity

Cause I’ve been in different shoes

I’ve seen life with different views

And pictured a world with no rules

All in the world of Fantasy

I’ve lived in places that never exist

If only fantasy is what life consist

I’ll be Einstein the great Scientist

I’ll be Picasso the great Artist

All in the world of fantasy

I’ll lived my dreams in my fantasy

Such a pleasant place to be

A place flowing with milk and honeybees

An heaven in my head

When i lay on my bed

Time Wasted Time Lost All in the world of Fantasy

Pleasures and pain in my world of reality

My fantasy is one sided I can’t find parity

A redefined Disney with an happy beginning and ending

A world perfectly outlayed without offending

A dense traffic in my brain, my neurones and nerves ascending and desending

A perfectly imperfect message is what they’re sending

Does my Fantasy hinder my Reality?

A question ringing in my head

Does it bring me closer to my dreams or am i been misled?

Cause after all have been done and said

I still end up realizing I’ve been fantasizing all along