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True happiness no doubt lies in the thrill of creative efforts. The joy you feel when you get your name written against some spectacular landmarks is usually overwhelming, consuming and refreshing. It feels like touching the sky, like hugging the sun , like gliding in space and doing the impossible. Yeah! That’s why you see a lot of people struggling to achieve success at all cost.

No doubts, there will be obstacles, there brace up and (more…)



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My name is Otuagomah Dhebbie and I’m 18. I live in Ondo State, Nigeria. My skin is the colour of creamy chocolate.

       They call me Dhebbie and Dorian as well. My fave colour is black and I’m not a foodie. I am an aspiring law student of the University of Benin.

     I’m a YA writer and I also blog about YA stuff at The Koterie. I have an undying love for books, menswear and movies. I’m also a media enthusiast, an ICT geek and a music fanatic. I identify as a cross dresser. I’m an unapologetic tomboy and an unrepentant (more…)


Have you ever heard/ been told some really weird things bout you? Trust me, I have.

Sometimes, people who don’t know us tend to have all sorts of assumptions about us. I wanted to write something different today so I thought up 7 weird things people assume about me.

1. Assumption :People think I’m Smart.
Truth : I’m not as smart as I seem, I may do some cool things, but I’m not really smaaarrrt. It gets funny when I shake my head and say, (more…)


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     Hey! It’s Dhebbie here. I’ve really gone far and have evolve from the you I used to be.

     Remember how much I used to suck at Further Maths? Well, I did have a credit in it when I took the final exams, it’s still something right?



     Sometimes ago, a very good friend of mine wrote something like this on his Facebook page: “I’m thankful my childhood was full of beautiful memories of playing in the sand and wasn’t about how many likes I could (more…)


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     I have always wanted to tell you. I have always wanted to let you know how I felt about you. But I never had the courage to.
     I have always wanted to show you that there was more to me than (more…)

I was going to use Mom. Yep. She’s the only one Dad actually seems to love. Well, it’s not like I’m saying he doesn’t love us, I’m just saying he really loves her more than us. Only God knows what it is they talk about when they sit in the living room to chat after dinner. Mom is always busy tho. She’s a stock broker and