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Posted: January 7, 2015 by rumenofficial in Did You Know?, Uncategorized
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(The Hidden Truth).
In a matter that had its root from Monday 5th January 2014, at about 5pm it was reported that some youths armed with bulldozers attacked the official residence of the immediate Past Vice Chancellor of Uniben Prof. Godwin Osayuki Oshodin under the supervision of the state governor. Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomole and began the demolition of his ‘claimed residence’. Since then, a lot of crisis, accusations and counter accusations have arisen. Some questions are still yet to be answered which include;
(1)What right did the state governor have to demolish the residence of a Federal worker? In a matter in which a lower court had given Edo State Govt. The right to take over the land, Was Oshiomole afraid of losing at the court of appeal? Was that the reason for carrying out the demolition?
(2)What right does an Immediate Past Vice Chancellor have to the property when he has left office?. In a claim earlier on, it was noted that the then Gov. Of Edo State Samuel Ogbemudia in 1979 gave the land to the University to use as a quarters for its lecturers, But when asked recently. He claimed he never leased, dashed or bequitted the landed property to uniben. Was he under pressure to have made that statement?
(3)What right does a Federal University like the University of Benin have to attack and seize a state owned vehicle and burn it to ashes? What therefore is the university teaching it’s students? Is the university not supposed to be an institution of learning and moulding good character? How is the burning of a state owned vehicle justified by this? OR Is it possible that afterall, those who perpetuated this act of ‘agberoism’ and ‘militancy’ are not students of the school but simply sponsored by The Opposition Political Party?
(4)Lastly, the major opposition Party PDP were quick to jump on the issue like vultures on the carcass Edo State Govt. Has created?
(5)Is this an ethnic battle? Would Uniben have been silent if the Governor was a ‘bini’ man?
Many questions are begging for answers as the riot enters Day 2. Well, our arms remain folded, watching as events unfold.
To be continued….